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Plaisir & Diète - dans la même assiette (petits dejeuners, breakfasts, plats, savory, desserts, nutrition, contact, a props, about, contenus exclusifs, recettes, newsletter, plan du site, rejoignez-nous, plaisir & diete, maxime_lrnt, julien.bbr, plaisiretdiete@gmail.com, copyright, 2017-2023 tous droits réservés) Le grand classique de la cuisine mexicaine façon Plaisir & Diète ! Un plat convivial, à partager et très rapide à préparer. Chacun choisi sa garniture préférée et se régale sainement ! C'est parti pour la recette ! Ingrédients - 90g de farine (ici farine de patate douce dispo ici avec le code gourmand10) - 3 oeufs - 150L de lait - 150mL d'eau - du sel - La garniture de votre choix (ici poulet, sauce salsa, haricots rouges, guacamole, mais et coriandre) Besoin d'une recette pour vos collations ? Essayez notre cake fondant allégé à la patate douce ! Un gâteau fondant facile à préparer, faible en calories et riche en protéines. Parfait pour un petit déjeuner rapide, en collation, ou à emporter ! On passe aux ingrédients de la recette ! - 200g de patate douce cuite - 2 oeufs - 100g de fromage blanc - 40g de farine d'avoine (ou farine de blé) - 20g de beurre de cacahuètes - 1 cuillère à soupe de levure chimique - 1 cuillère à soupe d'édulcorant - Facultatif : de la cannelle Marre de l'éternel porridge le matin ? On vous propose ici une alternative façon riz au lait ! Aussi rapide à préparer qu'un porridge, encore plus gourmand que le riz au lait classique avec vos toppings préférés ! On passe aux ingrédients pour la recette ! - 80 à 100g de flocons de riz (dispo ici avec le code gourmand5) - 300-400ml de lait (ou boisson végétale) - Un peu d'eau pour dépasser le niveau de flocons - 1 fruit au choix en morceaux (pomme, pêche marchent bien) - 1 cuillère à soupe d'édulcorant liquide ou une dizaine de gouttes de flavdrop au choix (on aime beaucoup noisette ou vanille)

About us

Welcome to the Plaisir & Diète website !

This name was created in September 2017 with the aim of revisiting recipes called "unhealthy" in "healthy" recipes. Since that time, Plaisir & Diète has evolved a lot since we already offer more than a hundred recipes that you can insert into your diet every day to love what you eat while eating healthy and even while losing weight.
From September 2017 until September 2019, Maxime (@maxime_lrnt on Instagram) managed the website alone. But in September 2019, we decided to bring Plaisir & Diète to the next level since we changed our website to go from a simple WordPress blog readable to a website made from A to Z by developers according to our criteria. And to top it off, Julien (@julien.bbr on Instagram) joined us to create even more quality content.
You can also find us on YouTube on the channel "Plaisir & Diète". We share lots of video recipes but not only ... We also give you lots of tips on how to properly manage your daily diet and how to adapt it intelligently to the hazards of life to stay healthy under any circumstances .

Who are we?

Maxime (@maxime_lrnt)

You probably know me for my Foodporn and the recipes I posted on Instagram and if it is not yet the case I invite you to go take a look. I am the creator of Plaisir & Diète, a name that has developed well in recent years and has not finished growing...
Anyway, here is a more global presentation of who is behind this screen!
Profession :
I am a student in dietetics and I followed the training Bayesian bodybuilding France (sciences of bodybuilding and nutrition). I have a degree in Bodybuilding and Nutrition Science and I am specializing in Dietetics.
I am currently an online personal trainer and help people feel better about their body through diet and sports.
Sport :
I started bodybuilding in 2016 in order to gain muscle and weight with a purely aesthetic goal ... Subsequently, I rather see the bodybuilding as a way to spend calories to eat more without getting fat. But since 2019, bodybuilding is above all a passion and a way to let off steam and feel calm afterwards.
Before that, I practiced 6 years of swimming at a fairly high level but with a not very healthy lifestyle ...
Nutrition :
I always liked cooking, but there was a time when it was not much healthy. It was more like pastries, pizzas, lasagna, ... full of calories. But when I looked at nutrition and health, I started making healthy recipes, but they were greedy because I did not see myself eating chicken, rice and broccoli all my life. So it has not changed, I always cook pizzas, burgers, cakes ... but in another way so that it fits into my diet without problem.
I then went through all kinds of diets possible and unimaginable before finding the one that suits me. I named "The Flexible Dieting". Some might think that it is to eat cakes, pizzas and burgers all day long on the pretext that it fits my macros but it is much more complex than that (not to be confused with the IIFYM). You can find an article on the subject in the "articles" section but I also made a YouTube video about it.
Evolution :
I went through all the possible phases and unimaginable ... I was overweight at first because I was guzzling all day, then I went to the other aide in no time. Three months during which I went from 65kg to 47kg and the anorexia was therefore right of me! But I escaped by myself, not wanting to be perceived as "sick". So I started to eat more and do cardio to get some fitness. Subsequently, I started bodybuilding with body weight but still have a few calories (1500kcal). Then came the moment to register at the gym and start bodybuilding. I then decided to eat 1800kcal, which was not good for me in the first year since I did a drastic "dry" for the summer and lost most of the muscle I had hard acquired during this first year of bodybuilding. After a few years of practice and more experience in the field of sport and nutrition I found my balance and I am now around 3000kcal a day with the aim of improving myself day by day.

Julien (@Julien.bbr)

Pleasure and performance are my watchwords. With a smart approach, it is possible to give the best version of yourself and enjoy it at any moment.
But how is it going? I present to you all that and who I am!
Profession :
Online personal trainer & assistant manager of a start-up in industrial maintenance, I just finished at the time when I write these lines a Master 2 in Audit & Diagnosis Organizations. Parallel to these studies, I studied and obtained my diploma of coach Bayesian with Maxime in sciences of nutrition and sport.
Sport :
Former handball player at a very good level and with a relatively active youth, I was defeated in the world of competition and the search for the best version of oneself. It is finally this last element which led me from my 17 years to today my 24 years to bodybuilding. Passed by different side sports (Crossfit, street workout, cross training, yoga, stretching) and follower of long outings (bike or walk), I am always active!
Today, I am essentially an advanced bodybuilding practitioner with 6 years of experience.
Nutrition :
I always had a certain attraction for cooking, without daring to throw myself into it, with higher education and taking a home, I discovered a passion for the kitchen/nutrition alliance. Achieving goals by having fun is important to me.
For lack of confidence in me, I was not going to try to cook, and then I let myself be guided by a recipe, then two, then a dozen ... And finally I learned to make mine, to work around ingredients and what I like to make dishes (breakfasts more often) appreciable.
What I appreciate most is being able to integrate a hard-to-replace element into a healthy and balanced recipe. I invite you to take a closer look at my Instagram (@Julien.bbr)!
Evolution :
At the beginning of my high school years I was not comfortable with my body, I spent less time in sports, I ate no matter how and especially a lot of sweets! So I gradually took the weight to reach 86kg end of second for 1m82. With the acne breakout, I realized that I no longer wanted to feel bad about myself, I wanted this famous six-pack of abs and I was pointed out my weight gain.
At first, so I decided to put on weight, I followed a very strict diet dictated by the "we say" and with an iron will, he walked. On the other hand, it was anything: more carbohydrates, more fat, just fruits, a little protein and vegetables. I accompanied this weight loss with handball, badminton, a lot of running and an abdo session every night.
So obviously I lost weight, and muscle too, but I could see my abs! What I had not seen coming up with these poor diet choices and my teenage years were skin problems and excessive weight loss. I went down to 67kg for 1m82 end of term.
From this point, I became aware of this lack of mass that I disliked with several elements: my first weight training sessions in high school, my growing interest in fitness, and a fitness model that I found by chance on Youtube that really made me want to change.
End of term, so I started my varied fitness activities, I always ran regularly, I went to a park every day progress on a mix of street workout and crossfit (Freeletics) while gradually learning the basics of nutrition.
I evolved with this varied practice and took a few pounds while increasing my metabolism. One year later, I weighed 71kg (+ 4kg).
From there, I really wanted to pursue this quest for athletic physics, I went on bodybuilding and with a year of training and weight gain, I went to 81kg (+ 10kg) but less dry.
For my fourth year of practice, I focused on my efforts in maintaining my weight, taking a small weight gain and then my first dry. I climbed to 84kg and descended to 81kg late dry. It was not pushed but made me satisfied with the progress made.
Since then, I continue these high and low phases that lead me to progress as best as possible towards my best physique. I weigh more than 88kg today.